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Horny911 has you covered!


**Calls are $2.99  per minute, minimum of 10 minutes billed to your credit card** – 18+


Welcome to Horny 911!


We are a part of the Enchantrix Empire, with a unique new service for you.  We know how frustrating it is when you check out your favorite Enchantrix Empire’s kinky website to see if your favorite Mistress(s) are available for some fun and they are not logged on!  Some of the ladies, also want to extend their playtime with you! 

Here at Horny 911, you will find Enchantrix Mistress who reserve themselves just for your masturbation emergency!  Yes, we are having some fun with your dilemma but we know how important it is for you to connect with one of our fantastic Mistresses, and horny911 will help you do that! How does horny 911 work, and why do you need to remember Horny 911 for when you need us most?


Enchantrix Mistresses Are Talented


If you are familiar with Enchantrix you know we are an Empire of Kink! Enchantrix has experienced, kinky knowledgable women who choose to list their profiles on our various websites. The chosen sites mirror the Mistress’s interests and the type of sessions they welcome. Our Phone Sex Boutique Lists all of our sexy sites, we know you’ll enjoy the variety. Each website lists the Mistress’s profile. It’s a comprehensive look at those who catch your eye and allows you to get to know the Mistress before you place your first call.

You will discover voice samples, blog links, and more. The Mistresses are multi-talented and engage in many erotic endeavors during their day to bring you a quality, and varied experience. We have our First Class Phone Sex Assignment site where many have listed their erotic audios, erotic games, sexy challenges, and training in a multitude of kinks.

The Enchantrix Empire brings you the finest in erotic experiences and finds us through one of these very sites.All of this takes time, there’s only so much time in a day! So what’s a busy Mistress to do?


Popular Mistresses


As we just discussed,  Enchantrix Mistresses are often busy when logged on for open calls. When you add the above, and typical tasks like email, and texting you get a feel of a typical day.  We all know having a fun and a busy day is great!  Sometimes, however, turning down the dial is good for your mind and body. Perhaps she wants to focus on other things, but still take sexy calls!


New Horny 911 Request Service

    • Horny 911 solves both sides of the equation.
    • You can spend more time with Mistress
    • Mistress wants some sexy time without the distraction of all other tasks

You get Horny911. When the idea of this service (Horny 911) was discussed many ladies thought it was a great idea. We think you will agree!

With Horny 911, our Mistresses may list themselves as available here, but not on our main sites because they may not want to monitor their computer, but they are available for your sexy call. Please keep in mind if she is listed here she won’t (necessarily) be responsive via text or email.

Do not hesitate to dial one of our Dispatchers if you see her listed here, even if she is not on the site you regularly see her on. Let the dispatcher know which Horny 911 Mistress you want to session with.


When To use Horny 911


Remember “horny911.com” when you visit your favorite Enchantrix Empire site, and the lady or ladies you usually talk with are not available. Please understand it’s not a guarantee she will be listed as available at horny911, she she might be! If the Mistress you seek isn’t here either, don’t despair. There’s always a chance you might see a Mistress listed here, that you’ve never seen when visiting your favorite site!


See Someone New


Do you see someone on Horny 911 but didn’t see her on the site you typically visit? That doesn’t mean she won’t play with your kink. You have a few options! Click on her image and check out her profile. Her profile will link to her blog, voice samples, and pictures.

Don’t have time to check her out? Click on the live chat option below, or call our helpful dispatchers to inquire if she will accept a call in your genre of kink!